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Hospitality Job Market
Date Title
Apr 2007 Beyond thank-you notes and phone calls: turn an interview into an offer--even weeks later
Mar 2007 Redefining "service": turn your employees into stars!
Feb 2007 Does size matter in hotel industry jobs?
Jan 2007 Ace the interview before you even say a word
Dec 2006 Grooming for promotion: making a positive impact so you're noticed in the restaurant and hospitality industry
Nov 2006 Take control and sell yourself: acing a job interview
Oct 2006 Top reasons why they should work for your company
Sep 2006 A taste of restaurant management
Aug 2006 What is cooking in the kitchen
Jul 2006 Spa industry employment: unique outlook on lifestyle
Jun 2006 Gaming industry: exciting employment opportunities
May 2006 Hospitality industry interview: how to prepare
Feb 2006 "What are some of your biggest pet peeves job seekers should avoid during the recruitment and hiring process?"
Jan 2006 "Do you have any tips about the 'real' working world for people who are just starting to build their career?"
Dec 2005 "Can a job seeker's confidence and overall attitude help them boost their career?"
Nov 2005 "What questions do you like candidates to ask you in an interview?"
Oct 2005 "Is tenure or career progression within the same company more important, why or why not?"
Sep 2005 "What is the hiring outlook for the coming years and how can job seekers best position themselves?"
Aug 2005 "Based on your experience, what advice would you impart on a job seeker looking to begin a career in your industry?"
Jul 2005 "How important is industry experience as compared to education?"
Jun 2005 "In your opinion, what are some of the key elements in creating a successful 'career map'?"
May 2005 "Which of your standard interview questions do candidates often struggle with - do you have any tips on how they can best prepare?"
Apr 2005 "In your opinion, why should job seekers attend career fairs?"
Mar 2005 "What advice do you have for employees who want to keep their skills sharp, if their current position doesn't allow them to take advantage of all of their skills and core competencies?"
Feb 2005 "What is your favorite interview question and what type of information do you hope to uncover by asking it?
Jan 2005 "Based on industry trends and the state of the economy, what factors do you think will most affect job-searching strategies in 2005?"
Dec 2004 "When negotiating a salary increase, what are some mistakes commonly made that might harm an employee's chance for a pay raise?"
Nov 2004 "What are the best networking practices you would recommend to job seekers in your industry?"
Oct 2004 "Compare the quality of candidates coming through conventional versus unconventional hiring methods?"
Sep 2004 "What is the value placed on a candidate's personality traits and ability to fit into a corporate culture vs. skills and experience?"
Aug 2004 "How can a candidate overcome leaving a negative first impression during the interview?"
Jul 2004 "What is the preferred format for resume presentation and submission?"
Jun 2004 "Older workers versus younger bosses, what challenges does this pose in our industry?"
May 2004 "Will an unstable job history sabotage a candidate's chance for an interview?"
Apr 2004 "Considering the hospitality industry's high turnover rate, what does your company do to retain staff?"
Mar 2004 "Based on your experience, what are some 'red flags' that would stop a candidate from moving forward in the hiring process?"
Feb 2004 "How can employees promote their work contribution and master the art of self-promotion?"
Jan 2004 "What would you like to see in a "goal or objective" section of a resume?"
Dec 2003 "How can you tell when a reference is 'helping someone out' or offering objective information?"
Nov 2003 "What type of action/behaviour would get an employee promoted within your company?"
Oct 2003 "How important are references to someone's candidacy? do you prefer written or verbal references and why?"
Sep 2003 "Has a post-interview thank-you letter become standard protocol? what type of content would be in your ideal thank you letter?"
Aug 2003 "Should a job seeker mention the fact that they felt "burnt out" in their last job? can a job seeker be too honest in an interview?"
Jul 2003 "During an interview, what are your biggest pet peeves?"
Jun 2003 "To what extent do first "in-person" impressions really play a part in the hiring decision?"
May 2003 "To what extent does working very long hours make an employee more promotable?"
Apr 2003 "Technology has de-personalized human resources. do you agree/disagree and why?"
Mar 2003 "Money motivates employees the most. do you agree/disagree and why?"
Feb 2003 "Should an employee tell their boss if they are looking for a new job?"
Jan 2003 "How do you attract front line staff into management positions?"
Dec 2002 "What skills or attributes would make an employee more promotable?"
Nov 2002 "How is asking for a raise viewed and how should an employee approach it?"
Oct 2002 "How much emphasis is placed on job titles candidates have held in previous jobs?"
Sep 2002 "What are the most common phone interview mistakes made by candidates?"
Aug 2002 "Do you find that candidates are aware of the hiring process? if not, what tips would you provide to educate them?"
Jul 2002 "When sending a resume by email, do you care about file type and/or anything related to sending an application electronically?"
Jun 2002 "Are there any courses in your industry you would recommend someone take to make them more hireable or promotable?"
May 2002 "How have the events of september 11th affected your recruitment strategy?"
Apr 2002 "At what point does persistent follow up from a candidate work against the candidate's chance for an interview?"
Mar 2002 "What advice do you have for someone beginning their hospitality career,in terms of suitable career path, education, and experience?"
Feb 2002 "How do you test a candidate's ability to fit into your corporate culture?"
Jan 2002 "How strongly would you consider candidates from other hospitality related industries compared to candidates from your own industry?"
Dec 2001 "What advice do you have for the "older" hospitality job seeker positioning themselves to compete with a younger workforce?"
Nov 2001 "How age sensitive is our industry? with demographics moving toward an aging population, do you see sensitivity changing?"
Oct 2001 "Does it help the candidate's application to submit their resume more than once?"
Sep 2001 "What are the trends that are contributing to a labor shortage of management & hourly employees in the hospitality industry
Aug 2001 "What are the trends that are contributing to a labor shortage of management & hourly employees in the hospitality industry (part 1)?"
Jul 2001 "For what types of positions might you consider relocating a candidate from within the country & what provisions would you provide for that candidate?"
Jun 2001 "What is a reasonable time frame for an employee to stay in any given position and why?"
May 2001 "What do you look for from candidates that wish to begin a career or re-enter the hospitality industry?"
Mar 2001 "What questions do you like candidates to ask you in an interview?"
Feb 2001 "How important is a cover letter and if important, what do you look for in a good cover letter?"
Jan 2001 "How important is higher hospitality education to you when hiring employees?"
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